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Junior Send Off


by Natasha Bedingfield

Arranged by Ava Gauthier, mixed by Alex Bloom

Juniors: Alex Bloom, Talia Bloom, Riley Constantino, Annike Downey, Erin Flack, Laura Garf, Ava Gauthier, Drew Holland, Samantha Katz, Lily Koplan, Annika Limaj, Frankie Mendez, Elizabeth Nahigian, Adam Poku, Emma Roder, Lauren Rondini, Anika Singh, Sophie Small

Traditional Music Ensemble

Leave Her Johnny

Traditional sea shanty, arranged by Katherine Rock

Katherine Rock, Tillie Slosser, Zoe Mathes, Jacob Zinner, Matthew
Duthaler, Caroline Lanza, Auri Masterson, Meghan Flack

The Subway Dwarves

I Get Around

by the Beach Boys

Soloed by Liam Salerno
Arranged by Ben Cohen, edited by Alex Bloom

All Time Low

by Jon Bellion

Soloed by Nick Cavallo
Arranged by Brian Curry, edited by Alex Bloom

Matthew Duthaler, Seamus Fox, Nick Cavallo, Michael Tarantino, Alex Bloom, Dan Shneyderman, Frankie Mendez, Liam Salerno, Brian Curry, Brendan Mawhinney, Jackson Bush


Fine By Me

by Andy Grammer

Soloed by Jack Carnahan
Video and audio by Lauren Biedron



by Fleetwood Mac

Arranged by Riley Constantino and Zoe Mathes

Soloed by Zoe Mathes
Music and video by Lauren Biedron and Riley Constantino


Eleanor Rigby

by the Beatles

Arranged by Riley Constantino, no soloist
Music and video by Riley Constantino

Lauren Biedron, Zoe Mathis, Riley Constantino, Jack Carnahan, Emma Roder, Drew Holland, Taylor Constantino, Amiya Tess, Cameron Fox, Claire Skatrud

Treble Rebels


by Lizzo

Arranged by Rachel Dasey,

Soloed by Annika Limaj


by Billie Eilish

Arranged by Rachel Dasey

Soloed by Hazel Barzilay

What a Feeling

by One Direction

Arranged by Rachel Dasey

Soloed by Talia Mesnik, Rachel Dasey and Esha Kelkar

Charlotte Varga, Talia Mesnik, Rachel Dasey, Sophie Bierman, Leah Freedman, Hazel Barzilay, Annika Limaj, Esha Kelkar, Erin Flack, Lauren Rondini, Josie George

Fermata Nowhere

Fix You

by Coldplay

Arranged by Abby Hynes

Music editor Talia Bloom, video editor Sarah Tarlin

Ariana Grande Mashup

by Ariana Grande

Arranged by Maggie Lehman and Talia Bloom

Soloed by Lily Koplan and Boyoung Paik

Music editor Talia Bloom, video editor Sarah Tarlin

We’re Going to be Friends

Performed by Jack Johnson

Arranged by Abby Hynes,
Soloed by seniors

Music editor Talia Bloom, video editor Sarah Tarlin

Abby Hynes, Maggie Lehman, Juliana Alpert, Rachel Batsevisky, Claire Finucane, Bella Gonzalez, Isabelle Pfaffman, Sarah Tarlin, Anna Kotlan, Talia Bloom, Ava Gauthier, Sophie Small, Laura Garf, Elizabeth Nahigian, Annike Downey, Samantha Katz, Ella Furman, Anika Singh, Jill Mullaney, Grace Crisafulli, Grace MacDonald, Monica Iriti, Rose Halford, Isabella Gilchrist, Julia Goldman, Boyoung Paik, Evie Wiseman, Elsie Sachs

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