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Performance dates:  Friday-Sunday, in March.

Friday and Saturday are evening performances.  Sunday is a matinee.

Snow date:  Monday evening 

Location: Performance is at Newman School Auditorium



Rehearsals are mostly at NHS.

Rehearsals move to Newman about two weeks before the opening show.



Dates/times/locations will be posted on the FOM website as soon as they are known.

Mr. VanderWoude will post an audition sign-up list outside the Chorus Room in November for a March show.

  • Interested students should sign up right away.  Audition slots fill up quickly.

  • Auditions last for about a week. 

  • Auditions include:  specific songs & dialogue (from Mr. VanderWoude), plus a dance audition for everyone.  

  • Freshmen:  Be prepared!   Memorize your song and dialogue.  Learn your dance.  You will be auditioning for directors whom you've never met, so your audition matters.


The cast list is posted outside the Chorus Room within days of audition completion.

[FOM parent's note -- Only a  few Freshmen make the cast their first year.  Remember, you are competing with much older students!  But some Freshmen do make the play... so be sure to try!  And try again your sophomore year, because more kids do make the play their 2nd try.]


Tech and Crew:

  • Students interested in working behind the scenes should attend the student informational meeting for details and to sign-up. 

  • Sets are built at Newman a couple nights a week, usually beginning in mid to late January. 

  • All tech and crew are expected to be at Tech Week.

Parent's Meetings: 

  • Usually, there is an evening Parent's meeting within 1 week of the Cast posting.  All new parents should attend to meet the Director and  Musical Director (Mr. VanderWoude).

  • All parents should attend the FOM meeting the month prior to the show. The meeting will focus on the NHS Musical.

How FOM helps:

  • Concessions team:  Concessions are sold at intermission of each show.  Four adults are needed at each show to set-up, break down, and sell at intermission.

  • Tickets:  One adult is needed ½ hour before each show for ticket sales.

  • "TECH WEEK" rehearsal snacks:  Monday-Thursday, the week of the show, students will be in rehearsal from 5:00pm-11:00pm.  On three of these nights, Musical Parents will provide light sandwiches, fruit, veggies, crackers, etc. to 90 participants!  Parents will be needed to donate (made or purchased) food, and to set-up, clean-up and serve.  

[FOM parent's note -- This is a great way to support your child!  The students are really appreciative.]

NHS Musical - Student time commitment

  • It's a big time commitment.  Be prepared.

  • Rehearsals are held Monday-Thursday from the day after casting thru the performance.

  • The Directors are really excellent at optimizing students' time.  There will be a website (with links from FOM website) which posts updated rehearsal schedules.  That said... the schedule can change with a day's notice if, for example, rescheduling when a key actor is sick on the day of their big rehearsal.

  • Bottom line:  Your student has to take responsibility for knowing when to be where.  They should have the cell phone numbers of other cast members and the stage manager.  Help them to stay organized!

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