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Volunteer Opportunities
All NHS FOM members would agree - contributing your efforts to FOM in turn will enhance your student’s experience of the NHS Music program. Students and parents are encouraged to explore our opportunities that are designed to create a community, for the love of music.

Be a part of FOM this year!

For detailed information, please click on the volunteer opportunity of interest.
To offer your assistance, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NHS FOM Officer Positions 2014-15

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The following board positions are open for 2014-15 school year. These are crucial roles to the success of the organization.

Corresponding Secretary: Keeps the FOM membership informed through the monthly newsletter and emails (using Constant Contact). Responsible for updating the membership database annually. Updates the website and can include social media.

Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for more information.

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A brief description of the many ways to get involved with FOM! To learn about each team, click the team's heading.

One or two for each music teacher, Half or full –year commitments

Band Camp, MB Annual Breakfast, Car Wash, Banquet, Spring Party or MB Trips

Annual Sunset Barbeque

WINTERFEST EVENT - annual December event
Biggest fundraiser of the year
Vocal, instrumental and dance performances
A themed based event: 1940's jazz, 1950’s rock, pop, and jazz, Beatles, Musicals, Dance
Includes Intermission Dessert Buffet and Silent Auction

2-3 members capture events throughout year
Contribute to Yearbook, FOM website and local newspapers

Assist with publicity, costumes, food & sets

Seek annual sponsors (parent activity only)

Pride in music: be creative!
Item design, ordering coordination, sales and delivery
From T-shirts or umbrellas to music-themed items; items sold benefit FOM

Numerous opportunities for parents & students - technology support, concessions, bakers, etc.

Publicity is key - help promote FOM:
Our Website
School Bulletin
Local Newspaper
Needham Channel

STUDENTS! Earn Community Service Credits from participating in FOM!
Click to learn more about earning CSCs

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NHS FOM Volunteer Opportunities

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 If you interested in volunteering, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

 Updated! FOM Community-Building

[Commitment: 1 month only, May/June ]
What’s the best way to build a cohesive student group in the NHS Music community? How about an easy way to give parents an opportunity to get to know the faculty? How can we take a break from the insanity of school, and celebrate a year of making great music together? Did someone say PARTY?

FOM Sunset Barbeque

Sign up now, don’t think about it until next May!! We need a chairperson to lead this fun annual event scheduled for June. We also need a team of volunteers to set up tables, distribute fliers, flip burgers, organize games or man the Friends of Music booth. Help make a lot of people happy with this crazy-fun, summery event in June!

Community Classroom Credits Available

NHS Faculty Liaisons

[Commitment:   1 email, every 2 weeks, throughout the year]

Ms. McLallen and Mr. Vanderwoude would each appreciate a FOM Parent Liaison – a consistent contact person, who will check in every 2 - 4 weeks to see what assistance FOM can provide. Requests can be forwarded to appropriate people, or delegated to parents willing to lend a hand.

Parent Opportunity Only 

Current Liaisons  
Choruses - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Orchestra -
Bands - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Meet the Merchandise

[Commitment:   1 month only, or intermittently thru the year]

Raising funds for FOM comes in many forms and FOM merchandise is straightforward, easy, and concrete. This is a great way to contribute your time and spread the enthusiasm for NHS Music. All new ideas for merchandise and fundraising are welcome!

 Community Classroom Credits Available

Updated! The “Face” of FOM

[Commitment:   Choose 1 or more events]  

Your best talent is your ability to market and communicate. Help publicize FOM fundraisers and events to the Needham Community through local newspapers, FOM newsletters, NHS school bulletins, and the FOM website. Design advertisements and direct a team to post the flyers at local establishments.

Community Classroom Credits Available

Updated! Winterfest!

[Commitment:   2 months, late Sept – early Dec]

Get involved in the highlight event of the FOM year! This FOM fundraiser brings NHS music students and local talent together to celebrate the holiday season. The stage curtain will open to the selected music theme for an exceptional evening of instrumental, vocal and dance performances. Past themes include Holiday Jazz, 50's, 60's, Beatles, Broadway and Dance. We need a sell-out crowd! This event is our biggest fundraiser, and we are seeking many FOM participants – moms, dads and students. Lend a hand in a small way, or jump in with both feet, to bring this star-studded night to NHS this December. Just pick one of the opportunities below and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :

  • Take a lead role: Silent Auction, Dessert Buffet or Concert Organizer
  • Silent Auction Donations Collectors (needs 1-2 lead adults and team of 5-6 adults and/or students)
  • Intermission Dessert Buffet (needs 1 lead adult and team of 5-6 adults and/or students)
  • Set-up Crew 
  • Clean-up Crew 
  • Poster, Program and Ticket Form Design
  • Publicity (Contact Needham Times, Needham Channel, distribute posters to businesses late Nov.)
  • Ticket Table (great for dads)
  • Student ushers in halls and auditorium

With your help, this event is certain to be a huge hit!!!

Community Classroom Credits Available

 Updated! Behind the Scenes

[Commitment:   Occasional intermittent involvement, 1 day only, or 2 weeks a year]

You’d like to help, you don’t have a lot of time, and you like to stay out of the spotlight. These opportunities are just for you. Every year, many people contribute a small effort to make a difference. FOM truly appreciates any support we can get from parents and students to make this year more successful that any other!

Technology Support - 1 to 2 days per month

Keep information on website up to date
Maintain student page
Redirect FOM e-mails
Update FOM database

Baking for FOM – 1 day only, choose your event

Add sweet treats to the usual candy at the table for audiences at concerts
Consult with ensemble reps to organize what is needed for your event date

Concert Attendance Assistant - 1 day only

Choose one concert night, help teachers check off student names (concert attendance affects student grade) 

Spring Cabaret Event - 1 day only

Help w/ concessions and ticket sales
Work w/ students to organize their event!

Community Classroom Credits Available


Updated! Marching Band Support Team

NHS Marching Band is music, friendship, dedication pride and discipline all in one amazing activity! Make friends for life and memories to last a lifetime. Keep the traditions or start new ones such as an Off-Season Party or a Marching Band trip.

Parents of Marching Band: Your help keeps Marching Band a vital organization!
We need a Parent Lead for each Marching Band Season. Do it for the kids!


Marching Band Parent Reps

Band Camp Barbeque

Car Wash

Uniform Distribution

Marching Band Breakfast

Instrument Transportation

Competitions and Field Trips


Awards Banquet 

Little League Parade

Memorial Day Parade

Troubleshooting Support

Spring Party or Marching Band Trip

Marching Band Web Communications


FOM Photo Team

[Commitment:  1 day only, or occasional intermittent involvement
Two or three people needed, parents and/or students]

Everyone loves to mug! Bring your camera to an event, and be the one to capture the faces and fun of the NHS Music experience.

  • Anyone can take the lead  - collect photos from NHS Music students & parents
  • We’ll post the best shots on the FOM website
  • Add photos to our slide show loop, to be displayed at all FOM events
  • Take group and candid photos of music ensembles for the NHS Yearbook
  • Submit to local newspapers, eager for photos that depict positive achievements by students and events that enrich our cultural community
Community Classroom Credits Available


Updated! NHS Musical Support Team

[Commitment:   1 day; 1 evening; a few hours!  Tech Week is Monday-Thursday before show]

The NHS musical involves over 90 NHS students!  It's a very exciting and busy time for students.  These opportunities give parents a chance to work side-by-side with students, get to know your child's friends, and soak up the excitement of show time!


  • Publicity
    • Assist FPA with posters, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Tickets
    • Assist FPA with ticket distribution via e-mail.
    • Sit at ticket table for 1 hour before one show to distribute "on call" tickets.
  • Costumes
    • Student manager needed.  Adult assistant desired.
    • Costumes are rented, so all that's needed is help with fitting and alteration!
  • Builders and artists
    • People with power tools wanted to supervise set building.
    • Help needed after last show for set breakdown.
    • Serve food during the final "tech week" rehearsals.
    • A great chance to support the students and directors!
  • Concessions
    • Pick-up water, candy, cookies.
    • Sell at intermission for one show.
  • "Breakdown" Party! 
    (At Newman cafeteria, after the final performance)
    • Pick-up pizza and cake.
    • Help with clean-up of Newman school.
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